• Kousa Dogwood


    Kousa Dogwood
    Cornus kousa

    The Kousa Dogwood is a deciduous tree with a specialized leaf system (bract), that creates a showy white appearance in late spring.  It is sometimes called the Chinese dogwood, Korean dogwood, or Japanese dogwood.  This tree would look stunning planted in small groupings along your home or as a focal point in your front yard. 
     The Dogwood’s 4-inch, dark green leaves will appear in spring, but it’s in late spring when the real show begins.  Pointed bracts of 4-petaled white flowers will appear, giving this tree a unique show-stopping appearance.  As an added bonus, 1-inch, round red berries will begin to appear in the late summer and persist into the late fall.  
     As fall approaches, your Dogwood will transform from green to a vibrant red/burgundy splash of color for your landscape.  Even when those leaves have come and gone, your remaining berries will still remain into early winter.
     The Dogwood has a horizontal branching structure that reaches all the way to the base, forming a natural pyramidal shape.  It can reach heights of 15-30 ft and spread to 20 ft wide.  This particular Dogwood has a better disease tolerance than many other flowering Dogwoods, and is generally hardy and easy to care for.