At Tree Plugs R Us we are definitely tree and nature lovers. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for helping small trees become large trees so we can all benefit from them in some way or another. I have been growing tree seedlings for over 20 years now and I still enjoy growing them now as much as ever.
Below is some reasons why it is important to purchase tree seedlings that have been grown in air pruned containers versus grown bare root or balled and burlapped.

1. Container grown trees can be planted 12 months out of the year, with adequate watering. Bare Root or Balled and Burlapped trees have to be fully dormant in order to dig plants, where container plants are ready anytime.

2. Container grown trees keep 100% of it’s roots with the plant when harvested unlike Bare Root or Balled and Burlapped plants where a large portion of the feeder roots are left in the ground when they are harvested.

3. All of our tree seedlings are grown in various kinds of “air pruning containers”. This means as roots develop and emerge from bottom of container they automatically root prune themselves as the roots come in contact with the open air. This creates a more vigorous root system.

4. Container grown plants have far less transplant shock when harvested and replanted at their new location.

5. The survival rate of a container grown tree is far superior to Bare Root or Balled and Burlapped trees.