• "Diabolo" Ninebark


    Diabolo Ninebark
    Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo’

    Diablo ninebark shrubs reach 8-10 feet tall with a similar spread. These multi-branched, upright shrubs are fast growers. In spring, they bear white or pinkish-white flowers that grow in clusters. The purplish foliage of Diablo ninebark plants (with a touch of red here and there) earn them the nickname, "purple ninebarks" or purple-leafed ninebarks." An increase in red color and a hint of bronze added to the purple in the leaves make them even more attractive in fall. Mature branches exhibit exfoliating bark, making Diablo ninebark plants useful for injecting visual interest into your landscaping for winter.Extremely cold hardy plant. Grows best in zones 2-7.