• American Sycamore


     PLATANUS occidentalis

    The American Sycamore tree's Mature Height is 70-100 feet, Mature Spread is 60-80 feet, Mature Form is Broad Round. Prefers moist soil and full sun.The American Sycamore is a very adaptabe and rugged tree. American Sycamore trees are fast growing, large shade trees with a massive trunk and a have a wide-spreading open crown of large crooked branches. This deciduous tree has a smooth almost white bark when mature. The bark will flake off in irregular thin pieces which give American Sycamore trees an impressive mottled appearance.Sycamore trees have light green colored leaves that turn golden in the fall providing contrasting fall color. The American Sycamore has moderate water requirements and exhibits a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. It is a very popular city tree for adverse urban conditions and soils.  Zones - 4 - 9.